The Biker Leather Jacket And Your Rocker Outfit

Rock is a genre in music that involves a certain signature look. Dressing like a rocker has this edge in fashion. Whether you are a band member or not, the rocker style can be achieved along with the right attitude. It means that being a rocker is associated not only in the looks but also in your lifestyle. This kind of lifestyle was certainly what many men dream about. Thinking about your favorite rock stars like Mick Jagger, you may want to be a rocker. But, if you can’t be like the lucky persons that became rock stars, you can always dress like one. All you need is the proper rocker outfit choice from your wardrobe.

Get The Rocker Outfit!

Bikers Leather Jacket

Rockers need a leather jacket. It is definitely the iconic rocker outfit to spice up your look. Search for a awesome biker leather jacket and you are on your first step to achieving that rocker style. Leather is the material that always makes an impression and is a popular choice along with shirts and pants in having a rocker outfit. It can also show edginess and masculinity.

A Rocker T-Shirt

It is also an important thing to think about what to wear under the leather jacket. Black is the color of choice. Black T-shirts are a rocker fashion staple. Rock music has sub-genres. Choosing a complementary shirt must agree to your choice of rock sub-genre. According to a website, if you prefer classic rock or metal, you must go for a regular scoop-neck tee. If your choice is modern, indie or folk, consider a V-neck tee on its own or layer it with another tee. For any type of rock, a concert T-shirt or a tank top will do.

Worn-Out Jeans Or Leather Pants

Don’t forget to get the right jeans to complete your rocker outfit. Looking like a rocker is closely related in choosing the right combinations. The bottom part of the rocker outfit must coincide with the fashion statement that you want to say through your upper outfit. Ripped and worn jeans are an excellent choice for most rocker outfits. By considering the rock sub-genres, you can improvise your look for a more personalized output. If you want to look more indie or folk rock, you can consider rolling up the cuff of the jeans by three to four inches. For a modern rock theme, consider wearing skinny jeans. To look more of a punk rock enthusiast, a tight leather pants can help with it.


Select footwear that matches your overall style. Combat boots go for a tougher look whereas basic boots and canvas shoes go for a softer rock look perfect for indie, folk and classic look.

Individualize Your Rocker Style

You can add some accessories. Shades and metal belts would be a good choice for that rocker look. Wearing sunglasses is a key to pulling off the rocker style. Also, wearing something metal would make an ironic twist in the overall look. Rock jewelries are also allowed like large rings, bold necklaces, and loud bracelets and thick wrist cuffs.

The Outfit Alone Doesn’t Make You A Rocker!

The rocker style has something to do with attitude. Anything that you wear, reflects on your personality. You don’t need to follow certain dress codes just to please anyone. If you know in yourself what you want to be, everything will follow including your choice of outfits. So look like a rocker and be a rocker yourself!