Célia Brandão

Célia Zveibil Brandão is a Toronto-based ceramic artist and educator with an extensive background in commercial graphic design. She holds a Fine Arts degree from her native Brazil, and studied ceramics at George Brown College in Toronto. Primarily self-taught, Brandão has been creating functional and decorative sculptural forms inspired by the Canadian landscape for the past twenty-five years. With a keen eye for the beauty of the natural world around her, Brandão incorporates a variety of techniques into her work. She is interested in balancing form and function and imbues her organic forms with unaffected simplicity. Known for her wood-fired pieces, she is a member of the Women Who Wood collective. She has been working with the Ceramic Studio at the Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre since 1995, and currently runs their educational ceramics programs.

Winner of multiple design awards, Brandão is published in three 500 series Lark Book publications and has exhibited internationally in Canada, America and Brazil, where she has set up a teaching studio, and where she spends two months of the year. She is an active member of Toronto Potters Association. Her exhibition portfolio lists more than thirty group shows.