Gabrielle Kauffman

Kauffmann specializes in wheel-thrown stoneware that is food, microwave and dishwasher safe. Her cups and bowls are in high demand, but she also makes plates, vases and wine cups.

Trained initially as an Engineer, Gabrielle Kauffman divides her time between teaching high school mathematics and making functional pottery. Gabrielle is largely a self-taught potter, but has studied part-time at Central Technical School and George Brown College in Toronto. Her home-based art studio overlooks a forested ravine on the banks of the Humber River in Toronto. Natural forms, colours and textures inspire her work. Gabrielle works with overlapping glazes and wax resist, to achieve richly coloured, soothing and unpredictable results. Recognizable influences in her designs are the Canadian Group of Seven painter Tom Thompson, the American painter Georgia O’Keefe, and Europeans Gustave Klimt, Henri Matisse, and British designer William Morris. Gabrielle draws from her heritage, incorporating the simple beauty of Dutch historical pottery.

Forty percent of her pottery proceeds are donated to Canadian Food for Children and Souman Nafaman (French for “Seeds of Hope”) in Burkina Faso.