The Perfect Greasers Style And Why A Greaser Leather Jacket Is A Must

Greasers are a sub culture that emerged in the 50’s and quickly became very popular. The greaser style was highly popular among the lower and middle-class teenagers in the United States of America. The culture also consists of the rockabilly and rock & roll music. In this culture, entertainers in the likes of James Dean and Marlon Brando finally became typical and influenced the styles. Among other popular figures are Ritchie Valens, Vince Taylor, Jonny Burnette, Big Joe, Bo Diddley, Jerry Lee Lewis and just to mention a few. Although the big time of Greasers is history now, the scene is still very vibrant in some places and I am sure you agree that the true Greaser style is way too amazing to just disappear. Our thanks to all the loyal Greasers that keep it alive over all the years and hopefully forever.

Where Did The Greaser Style Come From?

The greaser style emanated from the greased-back hairstyle. It typically involved combing back hair by using pomade, tonics and creams. The youths of the 1950s and 1960s – often called hoods or hoodlums – wrapped their arms around the greaser style. This is a confirmation of the fact that the sub-culture primarily reign among poorer higher-crime communities.

What Are The Characteristics Of Greaser Fashion?

Greasers often wear clothing such as ringer T-shirts, T-shirts in black and white, baseball shirts, Italian knit shirts, “Daddy-O”-style shirts, bowling shirts, leather jackets, denim, blue or black jeans, bomber jackets, black leather vests or pants, baggy cotton twill work trousers, khaki suits & pants, tank tops and letterman jackets. Chain wallets, flat caps, stingy-brim hats, vintage leather caps, bandanas, bike helmets, fedoras and black leather gloves are common accessories included the characteristics of the fashion. Some footwear that works well with the greaser fashion are army boots, motorcycle boots, brothel creepers, winkle-pickers – just to mention a few.

The greaser fashion hairstyles include Conks, the Duck’s Ass, Finger Waves, S-Curls and Pompadour. These hair models are simply held with pomade in the likes of Royal Crown, Murray’s, Dax and Brylcreem. The pompadour hair model emerged from people living in vintage culture community during later 1950s and early 1960s, including rockabilly bands, American folk music, muscle cars and hot rods.

Another icon of the greaser culture is the leather jacket. During World War II, the leather jacket became highly popularized among pilots. The 1950s as compared to previous decades remain dull and youths at that time created an innovative notion of adventure. To be factual, the leather jacket marked a great change in the trend of the greaser style.

The Greaser Leather Jacket – One Of The Strongest Features In Greaser Outfits

There are a few items that no Greaser should miss out when getting dressed. But the most important item is the biker jacket. The classic style of the black biker leather jacket is indeed a perfect fit for the outfit. A Greaser leather jacket is always kept very clean and original. It usually does not have any studs or decals. If you want a perfect Greaser jacket, simply get a classic biker jacket from the store and you are ready. Just keep wearing your Greaser jacket as often as possible to give the biker jacket the wanted used-look.

How To Wear The Biker Leather Jacket In Greaser Style


The first step to take is to get the right attitude. Hang out with like-minded friends and watch movies featuring greasers. You can watch films such as Rebel Without a Cause, The Outsiders, American Graffiti and The Wanderers. Most greasers do not consider the film “Grease” as a favorable movie because it unleashes an over-dramatic stereotype. Once you got into the culture of greasers, the biker leather jacket will always compliment your appearance and outfit.


The next step on how to wear a biker leather jacket is to get the look. Great is a white or black T-shirt. The T-shirt may have rolled up sleeves to get a greaser look. You can wear boot-cut or any straight legged jeans like Levi’s 501s. You can compliment the overall outfit on boots like steel toe Gripfast boots, Harley Davidson biker boots or Chuck Taylors. A pair of Doc Marten’s will also work well. For special occasions or everyday use, you can be a real slick cat by buying creepers such as wing tips or T.U.K.s. Using some cool accessories like a chain wallet, a bandana and switchblade combs will give your outfit the greaser look.

Hair Style

Now is the time to make your hair conform to the greaser style. The primary styles are Jheri Curls, Conk, Pompadours, DA, Elephant’s TrunkThe Quiff or slicked back. Anything that shows you are greaser will work well. You can adopt the Snooki’s hairstyle emanating from jersey shore. You have the opportunity to dress any way that suits your curiosity provided it displays a greaser. Some common hairstyles during the 1950s can as well apply.

Once the Greaser outfit is complete, with perfect hair, the typical Greaser biker leather jacket, jeans, boots, maybe a biker chain wallet or even a great tattoo, its time to show off on the street!