Great you got here. If you enjoy the protective feel of a biker leather jacket just like I do, you will find here what you are looking for. These pages are filled with great classic leather biker jackets in my favorite styles and some with really good quality for a reasonable price. Check my collection and have fun looking for your new leather jacket.

Although you will find some affiliate links on this page, this is not a typical website just to make some money, like you find hundreds of them on the Internet! This website exists because I like leather jackets and I want to put together the most awesome biker styles and best deals on leather biker jackets available.

You will notice that the basic styles are very similar, but it often is only a little detail that makes your leather biker jacket the best piece of clothing in your cabinet. Once you found that perfect jacket, you will enjoy wearing it everyday, whenever you can.

Responsible for this website is me, Daniel Koepf, located in General Santos City, Philippines. If you have any questions about leather jackets or about me personally, feel free to contact me!

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